Human and equine manual lymphatic drainage

What can be treated with EMLD?

Many conditions can be treated using EMLD, such as:

  • The treatment of equine lymphoedema (chronic swelling after conditions such as lymphangitis);
  • Faster recovery and the reduction of swelling and pain in tendon injuries;
  • Healing of bruising and haematomas;
  • Reduction on volume of swollen legs;
  • Treatment of laminitis, easing pressure off the pedal bone;
  • Reduction in swelling from post-operative causes (castration, colic operations, kissing spine operations, etc);
  • Increased healing rate of wounds, burns, grazes, lacerations requiring stitching;
  • Prophylactic treatment of windgalls, bog spavins and thoroughpins;
  • Improvement in scar tissue, in old and new wounds;
  • Easing the discomfort of arthritis;
  • In the recovery phase of equine rhabdomyolosis (azoturia, tying up);
  • Mastitis (under antibiotic cover)
  • Abscesses (under antibiotic cover)
  • Poorly healing fractures;
  • Improvement in mud fever (chronic pastern dermatitis) and associated skin lesions.