Human and equine manual lymphatic drainage


“Mabel”, Bay mare with lymphoedema after repeated bouts of lymphangitis

This 23 year old TB x ID mare, who had suffered from repeated bouts of mud fever and five bouts of lymphangitis, started with an affected limb volume of 93.5%. She was treated and bandaged using lymphatic compression bandages, until the volume reached 5%. Thereafter she was maintained in compression garments and her very dedicated owner managed to retain the leg at a volume between minus 2% to plus 3% volume.

- Mabel

I was referred to Rebecka Blenntoft when my 31 yr old mare had collapsed and was down for 12hrs causing severe oedema in one hind limb.

She immediately came out to treat and took the time to show me how I could help in the meantime.

Her unique work and continual support was invaluable in my mare’s recovery. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend Rebecka for treatment of inflammation, post-op support or advice from her immense knowledge of the lymphatic system.

- Thea Maxfield