Human and equine manual lymphatic drainage

Case Studies

“Mabel”, Bay mare with lymphoedema after repeated bouts of lymphangitis

This  23 year old TB x ID  mare, who had suffered from repeated bouts of mud fever and five bouts of lymphangitis, started with an affected limb volume of 93.5%. She was treated and bandaged using lymphatic compression bandages, until the volume reached 5%. Thereafter she was maintained in compression garments and her very dedicated owner managed to retain the leg at a volume between minus 2% to plus 3% volume.

 Mabel Before


 Mabel After


This treatment is without doubt worth all the hard work. I look back at the endless photos and videos i took and i can’t believe how bad she actually was in comparison to how good the leg looks and feels now.

Clare McGeehan – Rider


I cannot speak highly enough of this treatment. The mare was inches away from being put down and now is the ‘star of the show’, really back to her old proud self. The actual treatment and explanation by Rebekka was excellent

Andy  Sceats- Owner


I was really impressed with the results of the manual lymph drainage and bandaging on Mabel’s lymphangitis. We had tried several courses of antibiotics, antiinflammatories and hydrotherapy to try and resolve her severe lymphangitis, which kept recurring despite our efforts.

Within days of treatment and bandaging, Mabel`s lymphatic drainage started to improve dramatically and the swelling of her hindlimb decreased steadily. Mabel`s leg eventually went down to its normal size and she was able to live a normal life again!


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